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What would you sacrifice to get rid of a curse?


Book 1: The Boy and His Curse: During his driver's exam, Ethan ran over the cat of an old beggar lady, who gave him the curse of bad luck. Now the world is constantly trying to end his life with raging house fires, vicious dogs, and crashing vehicles. Ethan must race against his dwindling mortality looking for a way to remove the horrible hex on his wellbeing.

Caitilin dropped into Ethan's life from the land of Faeria. She, a deaconess of a noble race of faerie people, believes her paradise world holds the cure to the curse. What she doesn't know is that an army of savage trolls just invaded Faeria with plans to exterminate her people. With tragedy lurking around every corner and a powerful enemy ransacking forests, Ethan might not survive the journey.

Book 2: The Boy and His Crisis: *contains spoilers to the first book* If you are wondering why I am not dead, it’s because I ran far away from the war in Faeria. These winged butterfly people, the Phaenix, wanted me to fight their war. Something about a prophecy from long ago….blah, blah, blah. Who cares? Instead, I hightailed it out of there when all seemed hopeless. A big mistake! I know. Some monkey lizard blowhard, named Fragile, is going to finish his genocidal mission. That will hurt my friends: Mollet, the beefy warrior dude, Caitilin, the helicopter mom, and Hinson, the chiseled philosophy major.
So basically, everyone in Faeria is running around like headless chickens. The Queen is having a royal fit. The holy people are crying to the sky. Meanwhile, I am wondering where Kioko is; the bubbly high school chick who was really nice to me. She will take my mind off this gruesome war. 
But, I abandoned my friends. Why can't I let it go? Do they need me? Can I undo my mistake?
Anyway, enjoy the book. It has lots of peril, action, swords, random fires, redemption, and relationship defining talks. 

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