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4 esport games that hit like Overwatch (without costing your integrity)

Unless you have been living under a gaming rock, Blizzard has been doing some spotty things that doesn't fare well with the conscience. Gamers have decided to boycott their award winning game, Overwatch. Overwatch is the poster boy of arena FPS games with multiple selectable characters. Many professional gamers and streamers have made their career from it.

Overwatch is not the only esport in town and one would be foolish to dismiss these other competitive arena shooters. None of these games are Rainbow Six: Siege because I like a community that doesn't trample my self worth.

4. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Series

Seriously, you want me to play a spin off of a free phone game? There is something very polished and clean about PVZ's 3rd person shooter. The plants face off against zombies in PVP combat. Each plant and zombie class plays to different strengths. The humor in this game is something out of Sponge Bob, but it hits when it wants to.

3. Rocket Arena

Another EA game? You corporate tool! Hear me out. Rocket Arena has the heart of Overwatch, but also the style of Super Smash Bros. This is the most kid friendly game a person can get with a rocket launched at the face. The characters appeal to the tanks and speed players of esports. You might not like how fast and arcade-y this game feels compared to others, but RA has a charm all its own.

2. Team Fortress 2

This seems like the obvious choice as Valve invented the genre of competitive individual class warfare. I had to choose between TF2 and Paladins for this list and TF2 won. Paladins is an honorable choice, but every female character is dressed like Spring Break in Daytona Beach and that is not cool. Team Fortress started this trend and the game still holds strong. This is also the hardest game (in my opinion) to master. Every elite game is eons ahead of me.

1. Valorant

Valorant is the most tactical PVP shooter on this list. You can't be Rambo in this stealth game. Each character has a special ability that helps them play as a team, rather as a sole hero. Recon and defense play a huge role in these battles.

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