An Exhaustive List of Who Can Beat Who in Fiction

Here is the complete list of who could defeat who in all fandom. If it is not on this website then it is not worth mentioning (or I completely forgot it and got bored)

Ironman vs. Batman: Batman wins. Missiles and energy beams are easy to strafe. Batman has ninja skills.

Ryu vs. Scorpion: Scorpion wins. He kills people for a living. Also, his movie was slightly better.

Captain America vs. Captain Canuck: Captain America wins. Captain Canuck tries to kill with kindness and kindness has never worked in America.

Alien vs. Predator vs. Marine: The marketing company wins. This idea is pure gold.

Deadpool vs. Fresh Comedy Ideas: Deadpool wins. Fresh comedy ideas have not been seen for months.

Superman vs. a mirror reflection of Superman: Tie, but each combatant would be severely insecure of themselves.

Chick-Fil-A vs. Auntie Anne's: Auntie Anne's. They use the only biblical form of crack in their pretzels allowed by God.

The Marvel Universe vs. DC Universe: Marvel wins. DC Universe still has not figured out how to use Adobe After Effects to its full potential in their movies.

The DC Universe vs. Me (after throwing them under the bus): The DC Universe wins, but I suppose they can't hit as hard as Marvel fans.

Harry Potter vs. Aslan: Aslan wins. Because I want to go to Heaven when I die.

Spider-Man vs. Blue Beetle: Blue Beetle wins. You can’t catch a beetle in the bath tub.

Mickey Mouse vs. Three Minions: Mickey Mouse wins. Disney plays dirty pool. Never forget.

Goku vs. One-Punch Man: No one. The thirty-minute conversation before the fight would scare away the audience.

Aquaman vs. Namor: Aquaman wins. He just does, okay? I am not on trial here!

Seasme Street vs. Fragle Rock: There will be fabric and sewing thread in the streets.

Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee: Tie. If it is a street fight then Bruce wins. If it is a who can live longer battle than Chuck wins.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Goldberg: Goldberg wins. Wrestling is pre-determined and Goldberg refuses to lose to anyone or he makes a big stink.

Mowgli vs. The Child (Baby Yoda): The Child wins. Mowgli can only make a crossbow from a paperclip. The Child gives raging rhinos heart attacks.

Naruto vs. Shinobi (Sega Genesis): Shinobi wins: Naruto is so loud and visible. Does he understand his martial arts discipline?

Master Chief vs. Samus Aryan: Samus Aryan wins. The Metroid world has doors that only can be opened with missile launchers. If that is their solution to door opening technology then the rest of the world is twice as tough.

Golden Corral vs. Pizza Hut lunch buffet: Golden Corral wins. The GC is tough and gritty. I would never want to meet it in a dark alley.

The Flash vs. Quiksilver: The Flash wins. In speed, strength, and cuteness.

The Flash vs. Digital Cameras: Digital Cameras wins. They killed Kodak.

Apple vs. Android: Android wins. Humanoid robots could never lose in a battle against fruit.

Bakugan vs. Yugioh: No one wins. They both are in Japanese landfills next to Pogs.

Power Rangers vs. The View: The View wins. Only one team is crazy enough to win at all costs.

Robocop vs. Terminator: Terminator wins. Although, Robocop knows how to die gracefully, while Terminator keeps rebooting with lesser quality.

Pepsi vs. Coke: Coke wins. Only because RC Cola interrupted the match, handed Coke a chair, leading to an illegal chair shot for a cheap 3 count. This will lead to the Coke and RC main event at the PPV.

Sailor Moon vs. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman wins. I only know this because of the many, many, many fanfictions I wrote.

Captain Planet vs. Global Warming: Global Warming. It’s because you didn’t cut the plastic rings holding the soda cans together!

Sonic vs. Mario: Mario wins. Italians have never lost at anything. I am pretty sure history shows me correct.

Nicholas Cage vs. Shia Lebouf: We lose. The resulting chaos would destroy the foundations of the earth.

My Little Pony vs. Trolls (the movie): MLP wins. Their fandom can mess you up.

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