Batman Beyond Vol. 6 (Review)

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Batman Beyond has always been a niche story that stays far away from DC's complicated and twisting storyline. It is also not afraid to break the common DC tropes. That is why this is easily the best Batman story to recommend for those who have DC burnout. Let's begin.

Terry is the new Batman in the dark future of Gotham. Bruce Wayne plays Gandolf to his Hobbit investment. A new black and red ninja suit, flight capability, and the most twisted villains ensure that whoever is writing the newest issue has a lot of creative room to gallop freely.

In the Rebirth saga, we have a part of Gotham city run by the Jokerz. His girlfriend, Dana, gets kidnapped by Terminal, a mastermind villain trying to resurrect the Joker. Terry gets his head handed to him by a couple of nasty thugs and a Bane inspired baddie who uses venom.

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Terry is a refreshing Batman, though some might think his manner is closer to Spider-Man. He can lose some battles and get some scratches, leading the audience to wonder how an inexperienced millennial can be Gotham's only hope. He has limited training and does not care about obsessive perfectionism, which takes a whole new spin on his devotion to crime and justice.

Meanwhile, you have Bruce Wayne who feels helpless in all this. He has to watch Terry fail against the city he loves. He gets to watch in horror as psychopaths try to kill another young ward under his care. Is he cursed if Terry dies? Terry's girlfriend thinks Bruce is a curse.

What I love is Terry finding his own way to solve problems. Bruce was amazing at being ten steps ahead of all his adversaries, but Terry has to carve his own method. I can tell that Dan Jurgens (as well as other writers) gives himself a lot of creative space to feel out Terry's crime fighting style.

Finally, Batman Beyond is all about family and maturity. Terry lives to protect the ones he loves instead of throwing them into danger (making him closer to Shazam than Batman). His kid brother is starting to get the Robin itch, while it seems like every villain has a target on his family. This amounts to Terry feeling torn between civic duty and living the life of a twenty something. In the end, like every DC hero, he needs to sacrifice happiness for the greater good.

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Batman Beyond is a departure from the twisted world of Batman and his constant battle with perfect justice, but the danger is just as present and the villains are just as evil. Dig in.

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