Dark Knights: Metal (Review)

Marvel Mega Event: Some aliens want the infinity stones

DC Mega Event: Batman has been exposed to cosmic metals creating a portal through him, which is being used by the dark universe to unleash evil versions of Batman, because he traveled through time and a villain named Barbatos had targeted him.

Holy congested story, Batman! DC is at it again with a mega event so wild and jam packed that you wonder if they were throwing darts at a plot wall. DC's Metal is based on Batman's story pre-52, but also drags in some rebirth story lines. Where to begin.

We love Batman and it's nigh time he had a mega event that was all about him. What's better than one Batman? How about a dozen evil ones from a dark universe? Let's throw in Hawkman's back story, an explanation of different comic book metals, and a mountain where Barbatos is doing something. This is par for the course for DC's mega events and I usually have to wait for the animated feature to come out because I had no idea what happened in the comic (See Flashpoint Paradox).

Batman suspects that a dark and sinister guy named Barbatos is hunting him and his loved ones. So what does he do? He goes to the spot where Barbatos is and breaches him from the dark universe. Nothing is easy with you, Batman! This brings out the Justice League as the world gets taken over by different darker versions of Batman. We have the Man Who Laughs (Joker Batman), Ares Batman, Aquaman Batman, Flash Batman, Green Lantern Batman, and Doomsday Batman. All these baddies have a desire to wear Hot Topics clothing and spout things that sound like Metallica lyrics.

The Justice League breaks into teams to help stop this invasion. Cue the ridiculous amounts of heroes list. Doctor Fate, Steel, the egg of Plastic Man, Nightwing, Superman, Mister Terrific, Kendra, Cyborg, Hal Jordan. They must go on the ultimate fetch quest to get Nth metals.

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The creamy center of this chaos sandwich is the fights with the evil batmen. Each one has a tragic backstory of why they became evil. Each story paints a terrifying picture of how evil the dark universe is. The fights are glorious. Flash faces off against the Red Death (Flash Batman), Aquaman faces off against the Drowned (Bryce Wayne).

If Metal was a pill you had to swallow whole it would be a watermelon with spikes on it. A fan has to be so caught up in the current DC story lines to catch everything and willing to sift through countless backstories and explanations that move at breakneck speed. We have Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo to thank for that writing job.

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By the end of this 6 issue run (with side quest one-offs) we have the stand-off between the heroes of DC and Barbatos. Heroes get transformed, the universe gets warped, things explode.

I jumped into a story line that I thought was Rob Zombie and Megadeath making a Batman baby, but what I ended up with was never truly being sure what I was reading. The face offs were neat and the concept of the dark universe is something I would love to see again. Once again DC tries to make a gumbo, but they aren't satisfied until they have put in every ingredient known to mankind.

If you are going to read this then you need to know that this story draws on a lot of different developments. DC always assumes that you have been a long time reader and that you have collected every comic book leading up to this. DC punishes those who want to jump in after a long hiatus (depending on which comic book you pick up). If you have DC Universe monthly then you have access to the whole backlog.

I love to be challenged to think and I love mysteries where the pieces of the puzzle slowly fit together. In fact, sometimes too simple can downplay my intelligence. Unfortunately, Dark Knights Metal is only for the most committed readers with the most updated understanding.

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