D&D for people who don't care about D&D

Mild Pepper Games is the hat I wear to make social #party #games that I want to play. One game I could never get into is #tabletop RPG's. I hear they are a lot of fun, but getting into one and committing seems to take too long.

In the spirit of comedy from my other games, I am creating a social voting game that involves creative storytelling, #rpg elements (satire) and very loose Dungeon and Dragon rules. The "Dungeon Master" will give a peril or puzzle scenario and the heroes will need to use their inventory cards to solve the problem.

If my team is surrounded by wolves, I might use the magic spell of exquisite manners to politely tell the wolves to leave or the shield of feelings to build up sympathy. My team mate might solve the problem by invoking the help of the blind and armless archer. The #DM has to judge which one is good.

Every player gets to create their own #hero, complete with Tinder-esque questions about them. If the judge favors your story then you will win a "perk" card, which gives you bonuses. A winning player might receive a bucket of fried chicken in their inventory or the ability to call themselves "The Lord of Hotness."

Finally, each player has to roll a die to see how they will present solving each scenario. If a player rolls a 1 they get to use one card to tell a story. If the player rolls a 4 they might have to sing like a #bard in their problem solving.

All this results in a role playing adventure that I would love to play.

This game will come out soon. Check out the other games on my store page!

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