Endgame: Criticisms and Thoughts of a Really Good Movie (All the spoilers)

Endgame. The movie of our time. The punctuation mark on a very long run-on sentence. The closing of a saga. Whatever you call it, this movie is a ton of different ideas and the culmination of an insanely risky idea from Marvel. A trillion dollars later and it doesn't take a genius to see that the plan worked. Endgame is the fruit of a very long journey. A good journey (that is coming from a DC fan). I want to discuss some of things that either irked me or intrigued me. I know, jumping on the hate wagon is cool for bloggers. BUT this was a GOOD MOVIE and it deserves praise. Just not all the praise. Here is why.

Dat First Hour Tho- Here is why I think Disney/Marvel execs tripped on their own hype. The first hour is so slow that the Batman V. Superman feels right at home with it. I get what Marvel was trying to do: show the painful effects of the finger snap. The tragedy, the loss, the horror. But consider that the finished product feels like it was the long lost episode of This is Us: Endgame Edition. Super heroes in civilian clothes lamenting over coffee. A good solid hour of that with a quick Thanos battle reprieve. This is how your movie started and twenty minutes of it could have been reduced considerably. You might want to argue about setting the right atmosphere and how the dreary tone is perfect in the aftermath. But you are forgetting some very important details. a. This is an action/super hero movie. The first good battle scene should not be Barton's Tokyo sword battle an hour into it. This is a kid's movie (don't argue, you know it's true). Infinity War opened up with lasers, Hulk battles and exploding things. b. Imagine if someone tried that with a sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 2. The first hour is Chris Pratt lamenting and being depressed about how dinosaurs escaped. Jeff Goldlum moping around about how horrible it is that dinosaurs have escaped. Then you show a little T-Rex battle, but then back to moping and sadness. Who would say that is even remotely a good idea?

Captain America: He really shines in this one. In Infinity War he was just a soldier who ran toward bad guys. In this one he is a leader and a functional super hero.

Ant-Man: A mouse accidentally frees Ant-Man from his micro universe. Really? That is how you want to solve that problem? Weak sauce.

Captain Marvel: The glorious Easter egg and womenly proof that Marvel is not just a sausage party. For Thanos' sake Marvel does not want her to have an ounce of magnetic personality. She serves as a ballistic missile, charging into stuff. Think of Zach Snyder's Superman, but without deep philosophical roots attached to it. 

Thor: Making Thor fat and pitiful is a horrible idea and I have proof. I went to Walmart to look at the new action figure toys. They have Endgame Thor in his time travel suit, but he looks like Infinity Thor. The toy companies know that fat Thor is not a good idea. Marvel went a little too far making their BEST STAR (Think Batman level) into a punchline. They took their male heavy hitter and neutered him to a comedic degree. Yes, Thor redeems himself in hour 3, but WHY. This is my smallest complaint because there is enough meat on the 3 hour bone to make up for an odd character decision. I guess the final decision was to make Thor, the power house of the Marvel universe, the problem solver of all things, and champion against all evil into a chubby whiner.

The Problem of Time Travel: Hats off to the Russo brothers for creating a time plot device that is not complicated. Endgame asserts that if you go back in time you create a new timeline, leaving the old timeline to suffer from your changes, but at least the new timeline can survive. Thus, we have the infinity stones being stolen from the old timeline and brought into the new one. This all seems fine and dandy UNTIL.... a. Old Man Rogers Contradicts the Rule: The rule is that changes in the past make a new timeline. Sooooo...when Cap goes back in time and decides to live out his life to a ripe old age shouldn't that have created a new timeline? If it didn't then the other mistakes the Avengers made, going back in time, should still be in the present with them. Loki escaped, Cap has a fight with himself, Cap America convinces Shield he works with Hydra. These should have real world consequences, which could alter the other movies. If Old Man Rogers can exist in the current timeline without creating a new one, then that means the Avengers should have to deal with the other things they mucked up in the past.

b. Also here is some food for thought. If the only way to save the world from Thanos is to go back in time, create a new timeline and do the finger snap, you constantly have to create new timelines for an eternity. Check it out: Stark travels back in time, steals the stones, creates a new timeline and saves his own world. Eventually the Stark in the old timeline will have to do the same exact thing (if the Thanos plan plays out the same). Which means that he has to create ANOTHER timeline in which he goes back to an old one and take the stones.  It sounds confusing, but it results in a loop where the old characters eventually become the new characters and have to create a new timeline.  

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