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Far Cry 5 and the Religious Zealot

As a Christian, nothing makes me prouder than a video game that portrays a religious psycho who quotes Bible verses and demands to be worshipped as a chosen one. Far Cry 5 hits that nail on the head, portraying a villain who started a cult of gun wielding zealots in Montana.

You play as the FBI hero who must bring this cult to justice. The game is amazing at making you hate the cult leader. Every Far Cry tutorial mission goes horribly wrong and 5 is no different. The game strands you in the great outdoors taking on the cult with hot steel justice.

I wonder if this portrayal of a Bible quoting cult is how the western world sees Christianity. There are rumors that we are all uneducated rednecks who follow ancient laws and carry around guns so we can protect America, God's chosen country. Those stereotypes are cringe worthy and the news is doing very little to dismay them.

How much of these stereotypes could be stomped out by just learning who the real Jesus is? He is the #1 role model, inspiration, and savior of Christianity so you can't get far without learning about him.

Jesus traveled Israel as a full-time rabbi, claiming to be one with the Father. He said he was the light that would shine on all people and give hope to the lost. Instead of sitting on a throne and having people come to him, he traveled all over Israel healing people and sharing God's true intentions. His death sentence came from his biggest critics, those that wanted the old style of religion in place, but his sacrifice on a cross was for the sins of humanity. Over 500 followers reported him rising from the dead. The next two thousand years was his followers building up houses of worship in his name, spreading the good news of his return to make things new, and mirroring his actions as a servant and helper of all people. Historically speaking, his followers avoided a lot of wars that were demanded by the state.

Far Cry 5 makes it clear that the villains in the game represent none of those characteristics. They quote verses about end times and spilling blood for righteousness, but they completely avoid the servant qualities, the sacrificial qualities, and winning people through God's care for others. Make no mistake, Jesus understood that a community that loves and cares is the key to sharing his name. Not just in America, but the whole world.

Should Christians be portrayed as gun wielding maniacs who are brainwashed by ancient verses on vengeance? While the news is able to find a few who fit that motif, those who follow Jesus are far from it. The ancient church was beloved by its community because they offered so much aid and acceptance. At the same time, they were very respectful and persuasive in sharing God's opinion on different lifestyles. The ancient world always wanted to know more.

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