How to love Christians that are weird and wrong

Oh boy, I went there. This is going to get me some fire. There is a case to be made here about the integrity of our opinions. Some people love Jesus and rely on his death and resurrection as their hope but they have some very distracting views, hobbies, and lifestyles. These include:

- Loving a political party more than a rational mind should - Following rumors or gossip that has no factual foundation - Practicing a tradition that is unnecessary and unbiblical

I am not talking about a Christian caught in a sin that needs an immediate visit from an accountability partner. This is more of a gray area, like a Christian who doesn't believe the moon exists or someone who still thinks George W. Bush should be president.

The Bible says that the greatest advertisement for Christianity is how we love each other (John 13:35). Social media and the spirit of "sharing your daily thoughts online" has made this increasingly hard. We no longer only see our siblings on Sunday morning, where we bond over Jesus. Now I have to get a thousand articles from Joe Church on why vaccines were prophecied by Notra Damus.

But Christ's truth holds and I still believe that the best witness is our love for each other as inspired by our Lord. So where do we begin this long hurdle?

1. Don't forget the Christian in the Weird and Wrong

One of the most interesting Bible quotes to gloss over is when Jesus sent out his 12 disciples to heal and cast out demons. The 12 came back excited and feeling incredibly confident about their successes. Then Jesus gave them this reminder:

However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." Luke 10:20

I feel like the opposite is true when we perceive weird Christians. We don't rejoice that their name is written in the Book of Life, but instead, we compare their competence level to our own. It should be evident that those who believe in Jesus and his promises are worthy of celebration and rejoicing. We have to spend eternity with these people.

2. It's not about their singular beliefs

One of the greatest perks of having the information superhighway called the internet is that information is always updating and improving. What was true today can be blown away tomorrow. Therefore, when a Christian sibling has an idea that seems out of left field then we don't need to hark on it. There are two promises we can bet on to keep us from worrying about the wild views of another person.

God gives wisdom and understanding without finding fault (James 1:5).

Stubborn views dissipate if God doesn't want us to fix on them.

So, do not get caught up in a crazy opinion or a wild view. The faithfulness of God and the nature of unfounded ideas will prove it moot over time.

3. Share the evidence and walk away

If a Christian brother or sister is clearly mistaken about a belief or a situation then it's likely they have a unique upbringing and a perspective that hinders them from seeing the truth. Our biggest fault is not addressing an alternative to their belief because it is seen as impolite. The other side of the fault is going to war with them on it. We need to find the faithful ground between obsessed and cowardly. Find an article that will shed some light on their belief and call it a day. It's not your job to believe for them. The Holy Spirit is actually the only one who can grant them understanding.

4. We are all weird and wrong before God

This is the main reason for this article, to point out how wrong and weird we are next to God. This should silence all judgement and negative views toward our brothers and sisters. When we get to Heaven, God is going to call us out on a lot of stupid stuff we fell for. It's important to put that in perspective. Why are you trying to remove the weird and wrong peg from your brother's eye when you have one of your own.

Humility is the answer to this and it far outweighs a singular opinion or a weird habit. Information puffs up, but love builds up (1 Corinthians 8:1). When we correct someone we do it out of love and hope. When we are told that we are incorrect, we humbly accept that we do not have all the answers. This attitude has the power to save and not condemn.

It's better to believe that the world is flat and have a ton of humility than to have all the answers and an arrogant attitude.

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