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Lost in Random: Are we just agents of randomness?

Lost in Random is one of those games that catches your eye on Steam, but you put it off for so long because you don't have time for another single player game that doesn't involve Pokemon. I finally got a chance to play it through the EA Play subscription on Steam.

I am so glad I did.

Lost in Random borrows atmosphere from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride or American McGee's Alice series. It is Claymation graphics mixed with death and suffering motifs. My hat tips for Zoink making such a beautiful piece of macabre.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Lost in Random has a backstory where the fate of humanity is decided by the roll of a die. The black die determines your lot in life and your personality. Those who live in the sixers are wealthy and royal. Those who live in one town are destitute and poor. The Queen of LIR determines the fate of everyone.

The female protagonist is named Odd and she is looking for her sister Even who was "kidnapped" by the Queen because her fate rolled a 6. Along the way, a sentient die named Dicey, helps you with your random attack system. Odd can throw Dicey and the number he lands on becomes your options for attacking your enemies. Odd collects different cards that help her in battle and the die picks them at random. It is a very intricate system of attacking enemies like Link with a Master Sword and running around the map waiting for the die to land on some respectable numbers.

The world of LIR is based on chaos and misery. The random fate of humanity (or weird creatures) is decided at random. Instead of a system of government that rewards success and punishes failure, all the creatures of this world are forced into their lot in life.

Odd losing her sister to the system could be a metaphor for the human trafficking crime that is rampant around third world countries. Girls are plucked off the streets with no warning or recourse. Meanwhile, society has no way to retaliate because the Queen puts all of societies ills on randomness.

Lost in Random pic
Which one of these guys is GQ's sexiest man of the year?

Biblically speaking, randomness and chaos is always presented as evil. In the Psalms, the waters of the sea are restless and random. Only God has the power to make sense out the furious rolling of waves. At the beginning of the world, God confronts the chaos of nothingness and converts it into order through speaking. He doesn't have to fight or wrestle chaos, but speaks to it. Jesus echoes this order in the Gospels when he is able to stop a violent storm just by uttering the words, "be still."

The gods of most horror stories are savage monsters that love random violence, but God is a god of order. That might seem contradictory in a world that is full of death, poverty, and sickness. It might seem like God is missing a few problem areas. God is not the Queen of LIR rolling a black die of randomness, he has a plan that started at the beginning of time and has a perfect ending. Tragedy and sin have their roles to play and God does not gives us a magic eraser, but the promise is that God is working to make paths straight and systems uncrooked.

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. Psalm 107: 29

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