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Michael Myers and the frustration of bad habits

If you really stop to think about the Halloween horror series, the antagonist, Michael Myers, isn't that scary or threatening. His powers include being strong and knowing how to use a carving knife. The Halloween movies have shown us that he can be knocked down, shot, electrocuted, and set on fire (after he kills four teenagers).

After 10 movies of the Halloween series, Michael Myers is the major monster that threatens Haddonfield, Illinois. He always gets loose on Halloween, kills a few teenagers (who are trying to make love) and then is beaten up by a main character. Once Michael gets knocked over the head, he is out for a limited time and the heroes celebrate that the curse is over. Only the next movie he just walks back to Haddonfield for more murder. Even the latest movie, Halloween Ends, gives an out for a sequel.

Michael represents something more dangerous than a knife wielding psycho. He is perpetual danger that refuses to stop. He is a problem that no amount of willpower can defeat. You might be able to knock him over the head with a pipe, but he will be up in the next movie.

There's nothing worse than a bad habit that won't go away after you have tried everything. Your mindless eating can't be stopped by the world's best diets. Your smoking can't be solved with nicotine gum and hypnosis. All the pep talks in the world won't stop your negative internet habits. Your problems are doing their best impression of Michael Myers. You might be able to knock it out for a small period of time, but it comes back.

The Bible knows about addictions and bad habits.

  1. who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. (Phil 3:21)

In this verse, God is very confident that everything he made is under his control. The end goal is to turn our imperfect bodies into the perfect body of Jesus. This is a hope that we have. It is a major effect of sharing eternity with Jesus.

Right now we have lowly bodies on this earth. Our brain is amazing at knowing what is right and wrong, but our willpower and attitude isn't willing to put up the effort. The Michael Myers behind our sin is creating chaos in our life. This verse gives us strength to carry on despite our flaws.

We don't excuse our bad behavior and wait until a lightning bolt of change hits us. Sliding backwards into the habit only makes it worse.

We don't constantly lament our problems and try to punish ourselves hoping we feel enough pain to let go of a bad habit. Those who are in Christ are free from shame.

We work from the middle. God's plan WILL free us from any bad habit (as the promise states) and we take every advantage we can to overcome it.

So, is it a pep talk, an accountability partner, a removal of sin, or prayer that is the next step for you? Keep doing it. Michael Myers cannot live with God bringing everything under his control.

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