Mollet's Poetry (a character from The Boy and His Curse)

Who is Mollet: He is a Phaenix soldier in the Magi world (translation: A faerie warrior from another world). He is big, strong, hairy, and likes to go into battle. Here are some poems he wrote.

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Two skulls were cleaved on the battlefield

and I am sorry that I could not loot both bodies

I am but one battler, I stand

Looking down I see a perfectly good spleen

I took the healthier spleen, I did

Knowing that it looked bigger and riper

It was a better trophy in my house

Though I wonder if the other spleen

would be exactly the same

Both spleens lay on the battlefield, equal

No living enemy to take them

Shall I take the other spleen later

I will never know

For I could only take one spleen


I went down to the slaughtering fields

and sat next to a battalion regiment

I watched my soldiers spar swords with the trolls

And then I jumped into the battle

I hacked my sword and hollered

I hacked again and roared

If the enemies skin was harder

My chopping hand would get old

Though you may see me slicing

and wondering what to cut

I will never stop chopping

as long as my enemies have guts


I am accustomed to angry fits

screams of madness in the nights

boiling by my inward seething

until my sword leaves its hiding place

and comes into your armor

to liberate your torso from life

Pain arrives

and its blood goes everywhere

I forgot why I was angry

It's probably because of something you said

But now you are not breathing

So the mystery remains

I will not remember why you died on my floor

I am engulfed by my madness

In the flush of riotous rage

You dare anger me??

And suddenly you will see

that was not a good idea

It won't ever be.

Yet you bleed on my battlefield

which makes me no longer angry

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