Poems by Ethan Mioko (a character from A Boy and His Curse)

Who is Ethan Mioko: Ethan is the ill-confident human boy who travels to Faeria. He is stuck in his own head, worries about popularity, and is the reason boomers don't trust the youth. Sixty percent of his Instagram page are pictures of him.

For more information about the book, The Boy and His Curse, visit here:


Hey, you are a girl.

I am a boy.

I can prove it legally...

Sorry, that was weird.

Can I restart?

Hey, you are a girl.

I have a giftcard to Applebees.

Maybe we should go

Like in the same building

At the same time




They stopped making my favorite cereal

I'm sad.

The toast got too black on one side

I'm sad.

I got a C minus on my woodworking project

I'm sad.

Was I wearing my pants inside out, today?

I'm sad.

The last season of Lost was meh

I'm sad.

New U2 will never sound like old U2

I'm sad.

I wasn't born poor, I have no street cred

I'm sad.

Sometimes I look at puppies and get jealous

I'm sad.

I WISH I wish I could drive a car

then I would take you out

so we could look at clothes

in the mall

I wish I could fight a bully

then I would not have to

get new underwear for


I wish I could play the guitar

then I would have something

to write on my resume instead

of 'good at being invisible.'

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