ReVerse: 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

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The following is a creative paraphrase of Holy Scriptures for artistic and journaling purposes.

A man can write down laws on a stone tablet, laws that condemn people to death. Those laws carved in stone got their own heavenly fireworks show. The Israelites couldn't even gaze into Moses' face because of the glorious aftermath. That ministry was temporary at best. Won't the ministry of the Spirit be ten times the FX budget of Heavenly fire works and angelic choruses? If Moses can tell us how God's perfection is going to kill us, wouldn't you think that the Spirit revealing the path to eternity would be so much better. Moses was the opening act and his demonstration of the law deserves applause, but the Spirit is the headliner and that is the show that will blow the roof off this place.

Since we live in these times where the Spirit has shown us the final solution to the sin problem, we can hold our head up high. We can share with confidence, declare with bravado, and brag about this. The Moses show ended. That act is old (though still important) it would be foolish to set your anticipation on that. Moses is a Nickelback concert in a local theater and The Spirit is Metallica at Madison Square Garden.

Haters will say that the old show was better. They are blind to the answer the Holy Spirit has dropped on humanity. When they reminisce about the Moses show it's like they cannot see a superior performance. But, put the headphones of the Gospel show on any doubter and they will see what they have been missing.

This Spirit show is the Lord's final act. It gives freedom to the listener. We are glowing from this revelation, being changed by the experience. The glory is from The Spirit of the Lord.

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