ReVerse: Luke 14:7-14

The following paraphrase is for devotional and creative purposes.

The Back of the Bus Theology

When going to school, kids will always choose a spot in the back of the bus. That is where the popular kids sit. Everyone who wants to be a celebrity goes to the back. If you, trying to be popular, go for the back of the bus then the most popular kid might tell you that you don't belong there. You will have to go to the front in shame. Therefore, you should sit in the front and wait for the most popular kid to invite you to the back.

The Front of the Bus Theology

When you are hosting a birthday party. Send your invites to the kids in the front of the bus. They may be quiet, awkward, and not very popular, but this pleases the Lord. They can't pay you back and I guarantee they will not receive many invites from the popular kids.

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