ReVerse: Mark 9:33-37

The following is an artistic stylizing of scripture for devotional and journaling purposes.

Upon enter Capernaum, Jesus and his followers entered a house. Jesus was perplexed as his disciples, the ones who would be carrying on his mission, were arguing about a petty position of power. Their eyes lost sight of the mission.

So Jesus sat down with them and began to correct this poor line of thinking. His first sentence floored them.

"Whoever wants to be the CEO of the organization needs to think and act like the janitor, the volunteer. They are the nameless servant who's only goal is to see others get served."

He then found a child. This child had no claim to importance or stature in the community. He embraced the child in his arms, loving him.

"Whoever welcomes this child, this helpless and dependent child. This child is only as valued as the parent who loves him and seeks for him to grow up. If you enter the Kingdom and accept others with that mindset, then you understand how this all works. You are truly in line with the one who sent me."

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