ReVerse Thursday: Luke 12: 49-59

The following is a creative paraphrase of Holy Scriptures for artistic and journaling purposes.

Jesus explains the power of His words and actions to disrupt the faithful and unfaithful:

"I'm coming in hot! My words and actions will burn up the streets. The fire that I make on the earth will definitely leave considerable damage (both for my enemies and for my followers). I wish I could start it now so you could see how serious it is, but for now, I must prepare for my final "baptism."

Do not mistake me for a happy-go-lucky, good news bringing messenger. I walk a path that will split families, friends, and close kin down the middle. Moms and dads will divorce, brother and sister will be estranged, relatives and in-laws will get exiled. No one is safe if they follow me.

Jesus finds it Odd that it is so hard for stubborn men to see Him as Lord:

Consider this! When you want to know the weather, you stare at the sky and examine the clouds. It's how you know if it's going to be raincoat weather or shorts weather. Easy, right? But you are just faking it with me. Because you can examine wind and clouds and know so much meteorology, but you are so ignorant of my message and the things happening around you?

Look at the clues in front of you and tell me if my words are true and God sent!

Jesus explains that it is better to make peace with the offended then to wait for the Supreme Judge to sentence you:

It's like this...if you are heading to the court house with a lawsuit weighing you down from the offended party then it makes sense that you settle out of court before the judge slams the hammer down. If the offended party gets you to the court house then it's already too late. You will be sentenced, cuffed, imprisoned and you will never see daylight again until you pay off your crime."

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