ReVerse Thursdays: James 1:2-12

The following is a modern paraphrase of the Bible. This is for artistic and journaling purposes.

When life starts throwing obstacles at you then consider these moments as opportunities of delight. You are gaining perseverance, and perseverance puts a hard armor around your soul so you don't give up. Then you will be mature, gaining the same thinking patterns of God. You will be the complete package.

If you feel like your brain can't handle the toughness of these situations then you need to knock on God's door and ask to borrow a gallon of wisdom. He won't get angry, but will gladly give you all you need and more. Be confident that you are gaining the wisdom of God, unless you are content to be some idiot who gets slapped around by every doubting wave of trouble. That guy is getting jack from the Lord because his brain keeps switching back and forth from belief to unbelief.

Christians come in all shapes and bank accounts. Those with very little should feel like they can lift their head up high. Those with high and mighty positions should get used to being on their knees. A rich person needs to know that his life is a rusting junker car. It can't be driven and it corrodes to nothingness every day. The rich cannot pay their way to a lasting life.

BUT blessed are the children of God who can withstand the firing range of life's troubles. They will receive the final unlockable (the ultimate achievement) of life at the very end.

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