The Best Movie Twists (of all time) (Since 1997)

Movie twists are exciting and stick with us long after the movie is done. I want to look at the most iconic twists that we never saw coming. Caution: Spoilers

1. Titanic

Twist: The cruise ship sank.

Leo wondering if he should get on that boat that can't sink.

I know what you are thinking...wait a minute. How could the boat sink when someone clearly said "Not even God could sink this boat"? The boat was big too! Big boats don't sink in movies. That is a rule. James Cameron clearly did not read that rule book or he is some kind of rebel. I know he was just a rookie back then getting his feet wet, but word to the wise: If someone says a boat is unsinkable you better not sink it. Well, James, you did a naughty thing with your fictional boat movie, but it worked out because you have one of the best movie twists of all time.

2. The Sixth Sense

Twist: Haley Joel Osment can see dead people

Bruce Willis so scared of ghosts he hides in a vent

This is another 90's twist that knocked us for a loop. Haley plays a little boy in this thriller directed by Midnight Salmon Lawn. What we think is happening is that Haley likes getting visited by severely hurt strangers. Even his counselor, Bruce Willis, can't understand why all these hurt strangers are just coming up to Haley. But in a surprise twist that comes 20 minutes into the movie, Haley announces that these people are dead. Bruce Willis is shocked. Score another point for the king of thrills and chills, Mad Nut Somalian.

3. The Matrix

Twist: The Matrix uses reliable internet that is fast

Keanu Reeves wondering how much Mbps the Matrix runs on.

I can suspend my disbelief only so much. When you tell me that reality is a secret virtual program run by sentient computers, I can get behind that. But, my good grace runs dry when you tell me that the internet service provider behind this program is fast, trustworthy, and never breaks down. That took me out of the fantasy that the Wakanda Brothers were trying to produce. Imagine a world where the connection is reliable, no long phone calls with Spectrum as they try to up sell you to a higher product as a way to solve your problem. The movie glosses over ,completely, the fact that the robots have to renegotiate their contract when the year promotion is finished. I can't imagine it.

4. Left Behind 1, 2, or 3

Twist: The God following Christians win against Satan

82.7% of the people in this photo get raptured.

Renowned Christian end times writers, Jetson and Le Heinz, wrote the Left Behind series. Kirk Cameron flies a plane or is a reporter (it really doesn't matter) when suddenly God plays global hide and seek with babies and followers. This freaks Kirk Cameron out so much that he has to pick a fight with Satan. Now, usually, the lead actor from Growing Pains would lose horribly to the Prince of Darkness. But here is the twist. Kirk Cameron knows Jesus. He reveals it in one of the movies (doesn't matter which) and Satan folds like a cheap folding chair folding. Did not see it coming.

5. Stranger Things Season 3

Twist: Dustin loses weight

The Stranger Things kids wondering where their fat friend is.

Let me set the 80's scene for you. You are a suburban Caucasian tweener living in middle America. By law of culture you are required to have a tom boy girl, an diverse kid, a sassy kid, a fat kid, and an alien/government experiment as your posse. To break this rule is to commit treason against culture. So imagine my shock when Dustin (played by Guillotine Mozzarella) comes on the scene looking healthy and attractive. No! Dustin was always supposed to be the fat kid who loves Twinkies and has farts that kill animals. He is supposed to fill the dialogue with talks about boogers and how he thinks fake dog poop is the perfect gift for a girl. He is not supposed to be attractive and courting someone. This is unacceptable and I hope Netflix understands that this twist could put their 80's license in danger.

6. Every Marvel Movie

Twist: Someone says that something has never been done before and the protagonist does that thing at the end of the movie.

Captain Flames, Pepsi Man, The Incredible Sulk, White Witch, and Tony Stretch Starkstrong

"You will never put your life on the line." "You are not ready to accept your fate." "No one has ever survived the Infinity Stone merging." "This super soldier serum has never created a good person." "Steve, you can never go back to the past." "Hulk, you will never look like Mark Ruffalo." "It's impossible to bend magic and space like that." "You are selfish and you will never look out for others." "Destroying the Avengers is impossible." "No one has ever served the same movie formula for ten years and profited from it." YOU. GET. THE. IDEA. I tip my hat to the Ruffalo Brothers.

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