Re-Imagining the DCEU (4 Movie Lead Up to Infinite Crisis)

No one wants the DC Universe to thrive on the big screen more than I do (I will fight you). Not a single soul wants to see Marvel get a worthy competition more than me. Unfortunately, we don't have to go very far through the laundry list of pitfalls that have made the DC extended universe less than desirable. Whether it is a lack of a cohesive vision or Warner Bros getting their sticky hands on good movies, it seems that DC could go north or south.

Hear me out. I believe I have the best (coolest) movie universe, which scratches that DC itch, while still sucking in the casual viewers. It's crazy, over the top, and very DC!

Movie #1: Earth 2: Origins

Our movie starts with Earth 2, the perfect backdrop for gangs, miscreants, and classic super hero Americana. We have the look and the feel of a 1950's Gotham, but with technology that rivals what we have today. The streets are rampant with thugs, gangs, and the crooked cops are looking the other way. Batman has been deceased, due to cancer, but his protege Huntress and Robin are keeping up with his duties. While on patrol, Huntress and Robin discover the plot of Intergang, owned by Rupert Thorn: to open a universe hole and bring in a metahuman. This is way above their vigilante pay grade as they discover that the creature is Poison Ivy with the power to control plant life. Poison Ivy goes rogue, killing off Intergang, and decides to destroy all humans on Earth because of humanity's carelessness toward nature. She has the power to do it. Superman is off planet, so Robin and Huntress do a global search of metahumans to help them against this threat. They meet Power Girl, Sentinel, and Flash. They are part of a mystery men group called The Society. Currently, The Society is underground, with it's members scattered because of the metahuman crackdown in the 60's. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy is looking for the resources to bring back her boyfriend, The Floronic Man, from his galactic prison. He is the one with enough power to strangle the Earth in foliage. Robin, Huntress and the Society face off against the Poison Ivy, getting whupped in the process. She is able to free Floronic Man and the Earth only has seconds before total extinction. The Sentinel creates a beacon of light to call all the mystery men and reform the Society. Out of the underground, Hawkman, Hourman, Hawkgirl, Jessie Quick, Sandman, Wildcat, and Starman surface. It's The Society at it's greatest moment. Poison Ivy and Floronic Man are pushed back into their universe and the hole is sealed for good. The world starts to recognize that metahumans are heroes and not threats to America


But all is not safe as a new wormhole opens up. It's the Batman of Earth 1. He is pleading for help. His last words are "The Crisis is coming."

(In the same year you can have spin-off movies of Earth 2)

Movie# 2: Earth 1: Justice

On Earth 1, the Justice League has been around for ten years. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman have kept the world safe with the help of various reserve members. Their names are legendary. But all is not smooth in their satellite base above the Earth as altercations, bitterness, and pride begin to unravel the team. Batman is always telling Superman that he is not living up to his potential. Wonder Woman has a habit of being more god than human. Meanwhile, Gorilla Grodd, an incarcerated mastermind, learns from his prison that the Justice League are having troubles. He ponders that a "huge mistake" would destroy the team for good. Grodd escapes prison and gets his mental manipulator cap from the prison vaults. The Justice League are on a mission to stop Starro from invading the Earth. While on the mission, Grodd uses his mental manipulation to keep Superman from saving a NASA Shuttle from getting destroyed, making it look like Superman was just watching. The news teams of the world eat this up and soon the Justice League is seen as negligent gods. Batman quits the team. Protests launch against the Justice League. Gorilla Grodd goes into phase two of his plan, which is to kidnap and publicly execute the Justice League on live TV. He believes the anarchy will launch humanity into a new age for the villain. With the Justice League gone, villains like The Key, Cheetah, and Solomon Grundy are beginning to rise. Batman is working in his cave when Lex Luthor makes an impromptu visit. He says that he has seen a great cataclysm in the future and only the Justice League can stop it. It is called the Infinite Crisis. Gorilla Grodd captures Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and holds a mock world trial in a baseball stadium. The world is watching them as Grodd berates them, while villains are waiting to tear into them. Lex Luthor has a plan to restore the League. He infiltrates the stadium and grabs an innocent bystander saying, "Superman, you need to kill me to save this human." Superman refuses to kill Lex and says that he would rather give his own life than to take another. Batman and Wonder Woman agree and they say they will gladly give up their own lives for justice. The world sees the Justice League for their true selves. Lex Luthor declares the Justice League as the protectors the world deserves. The villains are unleashed on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and a spectacular fight envelopes. Reserve members like Green Arrow, the Flash, Cyborg, Black Canary come to their aid. At the end, the crowds are chanting "JLA." All the villains are thrown into their respective prisons. The movie ends with Lex Luthor showing Superman that soon the three Earths will collide on each other and destroy the entire universe.

(In the same year you can have spin-off movies of Earth 1)

Movie #3: The War of the Lanterns

This is the movie that explores the galactic battles of the DC Universe and attempts to combine Earth 1 and 2 characters. The movie stars , the Green Lantern, John Stewart, in charge of Earth's sector. John feels like a fish out of water in the galactic world, being his only experience with combat is the United States military. The Green Lantern Corps see great potential in him even though he does not fit in. John's first mission is when he sees Adam Strange come crashing to Earth. Adam Strange speaks of a war between Thangar and Rann. Each side is building up stronger weapons to destroy the other planet. Behind this war is an evil manipulator, Sinestro, who is orchestrating the war so that Rann will build a cosmic nuclear weapon that Sinestro will steal to power his yellow rings. Sinestro was kicked out of the Green Lanterns for his "extreme ideas." His revenge is to build up enough power to raid the Green Lantern corp and snuff them out for good. John Stewart argues with the corp that they need to send the lanterns there to make peace, but he is denied. The Corp believes that Rann and Thangar have been fighting for eons and that this war will eliminate one planet and give peace to the galaxy. John Stewart is not satisfied with that answer and looks for the Justice League's help at their satellite tower. Batman is able to use the satellite's technology to spot a worm hole between Rann and Thangar. The worm hole is pushing the planets closer together causing global catastrophes to both planets. Sinestro used that cosmic event to start a war between the two. John Stewart investigates the worm hole and finds Sentinel (Green Lantern of Earth 2) at the center of it. Sentinel says that these holes are popping up all over the galaxy. This particular hole brought him to Earth 1. Sinestro gets wind of John Stewart trying to foil his plans. He begins to get the Yellow Ring Nuclear Generator working. Yellow Rings start to claim citizens all over Rann as Sinestro builds his army. A galactic war develops. But all is not lost as the other Green Lanterns start to join the fight, including Mogo, Kilowog, Guy Gardner, and others. John Stewart has a showdown with Sinestro, using his Marine training to detain him. Both Rann and Thangar cease their weapons and Sinestro's rings are depowered.

But at the very end a cosmic hand comes through the wormhole. The crisis has begun.

Movie #4 Infinite Crisis:

This is the mega event. The movie starts with catastrophes popping up over Earth 1 and Earth 2. Land masses are shifting, Africa becomes 200 degress, Earthquakes are rocking whole cities. Gotham on Earth 2 is leveled. A hurricane on Earth 1 destroys Blackgate Prison and frees the villains. Heroes are running around frantically to make sense of it all. Lex Luthor, of Earth 1, shows that there are three Earths converging on each other. Sentinel of Earth 2 has seen first hand that there is an ungodly power. at work The question is, "who or what is on Earth 3?" Cut to the third Earth where we see Alexander Luthor with Bizarro Superman, The Joker and Black Adam. These four rule the whole planet under their corrupted thumb. The plan of the Injustice Lords is to branch out to other universes. They have a machine called the Anti-Monitor which can push all three Earths together. The result will be a death toll in the millions, but will also create a Mega Earth for them to rule. In order to do this they need Power Girl and Superman from both Earths. The Injustice League visits Gotham of Earth 2 and begins to wreck havoc. Power Girls is no match for them and she gets captured. On Earth 1 the Justice League is waiting for them. The Injustice Lords starts to invade Earth 2 and give the Justice League a problem, but The Society (Sentinel, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Wildcat, Robin, and Huntress) come to join the fight. Superman is able to fend off the grasp of the Injustice League. Alexander is able to gain more support by getting the newly escaped villains on his side from Earth 1. Superman's Lois Lane is captured by Alexander and he is forced to trade his life for hers. The Anti-Monitor is powered up using the powers of Superman and Powergirl. The universe starts to crumble and reshape. The Lanterns are working to fight the cosmic hand which is coming from the Anti-Monitor. The hand is working to crush all three universes together. Reality begins to corrode and flicker. The Society and Justice League have a last battle in Earth 3 to end the Injustice Lords. Superman and Power Girl are freed and they are able to destroy the Anti-Monitor. But it's too late. All three earths have converged. Alexander was successful. Though both The Society and The League were able to apprehend the Injustice Society, the world will forever change.

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