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When life gives you health and ammo before the boss

What is your first impression when you walk into a room and you find a bunch of health and ammo items?

The seasoned gamer knows that a tough boss is coming. The player instinctively knows to gear up and get ready for a tough boss.

It would be senseless to waste the ammo and health pick ups on something other than the game designer's intention. Walking into a boss fight with less than full health and full ammo is foolish (unless you are one of those speed runners who does everything wrong in the game).

I believe there are moments in life where we are given moments to restock ammo and health. This might come as a government check, a gift in the mail, a doctor visit, an encouragement, a new job. When these times of refreshment come how we view them is important. If we view them as free stuff for our enjoyment, we might now be ready for the next challenge that is ahead. If we see them as preparation for a challenge that is coming we are being a wise manager.

Only a hippie would bring leaves, mushrooms, and flowers to a dragon fight.

In Jewish tradition, the Jews were required to take a Sabbath day. On this day they were not allowed to work or burn wasteful energy. Recuperating and refreshment was the goal. Did they do this because they wanted to Netflix and Chill (whatever the heck that means) or was there a purpose? The purpose was to have the physical, spiritual, and mental energy for the next six days. They could give themselves to others and their work with the best preparation.

When life hands you ammo and health power ups will you use it to achieve the next worthy goal or will you sit on it?

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